ClearBank: Third of fintechs face regulatory scrutiny due to agency banking partners

ClearBank: Third of fintechs face regulatory scrutiny due to agency banking partners

Based on an independent survey of 100 fintechs across the Netherlands, Lithuania, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK, a report by ClearBank reveals a multitude of challenges fintechs experience at the hands of their agency bank’s shortcomings.

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Fintech For Good: Showcase and Q&A

FINTECH Circle and ITN Business launch FinTech For Good

FINTECH Circle partnered with ITN Business to produce FinTech for Good, a digital news-style programme raising awareness of the impact FinTech has on improving and evolving society.

FinTech is playing a significant role in supporting society to achieve greater financial inclusion, job creation and climate responsibility.

Technology-enabled innovation is enabling the personalisation of financial health, digital identity to the financially marginalised, greater access to digital finance globally and better financial and pension planning through wealth tech solutions.

Appealing to the environmentally conscious consumer, Green FinTech enables the consumer to invest savings into causes that are revolutionising access to clean energy, water, sustainable food and so much more.

Anchored by an ITN presenter Duncan Golestani from ITN’s London Studio, FinTech for Good will shine a spotlight on the significant FinTech contributions to societal and global advancements from leading organisations and industry leaders.

The programme will explore the future of financial solutions and showcase the most innovative FinTech firms, financial companies and cutting-edge technologies leading the change of financial services.

The programme launched at FINTECH CONNECT in December 2022 and combines key sector interviews, informative news items and sponsored editorial profiles from leading organisations.

The programme forms part of an extensive communications campaign featuring FINTECH Circle members and professional partners.

The Next Wave EP1: How fintech companies are shaking Africa’s banking & payment markets

The Next Wave focuses on topical issues affecting Africa’s fintech revolution and answers the question to What’s Next. We take a look at how are fintech companies shaking Africa’s banking and payment markets and what growth trends we see coming from the North.

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